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Getting Started XP Win7 Win8 Explain how to install and use the diskless system , upload image system.
Restore point Explain how to use the super user mode to install client driver, and add the restore point.
Failover Online Explain how to set up failoveronline
Centos client How to make Centos diskless boot system image.
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    iShareDisk Server Configuration Related
1. Are there any setting requirements for the ports of  iShareDisk and the internet?

2. Why the data are error after saving the image?

3. How to upgrade the old version?

4. What is the working mode of the SSD cache?

5. Can I use the  iShareDisk cache together with super cache?

6. After the server is changed, how to save the original setting?

    iShareDisk Client Configuration and Image Related
7. My network card ROM stops at the "Initializing devices" in IPXE. How can I settle it?

8. Why did the client PC become blue screen after diskless boot with my package?

9. How large the virtual memory is suitable on client PC is suitable?

10. How to reduce the reading traffic efficiently?

11. The internet can not send the image file I uploaded. How can I settle it?

12. For the same configuration and the same image package, some devices can not enter the system in Windows. Why?

13. After DHCP is enabled on client PC, there is PRESS A KEY TO REBOOT. Why?

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